Photo by Michael Reaves/Special to the Daily News
Why did Kentucky legislators have to take away from teacher pensions? Why is there not enough money to make their pensions sustainable? Is it because they cut the un-mined minerals tax so coal companies and other absentee land companies wouldn’t have to pay their share? Is it because they were giving millions of dollars of tax breaks to the Ark Experience in Northern Kentucky?

This is why we have to be knowledgeable about what our politicians do after they are voted into office. They help themselves, their rich friends, their campaign contributors. They siphon public monies away from helping regular people and fixing problems for the working classes. Then everyone is expected to believe they are fixing budget issues and eliminating big government so we will all continue to have a chance at achieving the American dream.

One day, I hope we all wake up and realize that politicians, driven by corporate lobbying and campaign contributions, live the American Dream by forcing us all to live and work in a nightmare.

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